26 May 2021

Rights lost to host a competition

Because of an ongoing protests since 28 April against the government of Colombian president Ivan Duque Marquez, this country have lost the right to co-host Copa America 2020 (2021). Because of proposed increased taxes and outcry of the people did not calm down one month later, there was no other option, but to be officially announced on 20 May from the organizing committee to move the tournament to Argentina who now have to make a new schedule.
Hence shift will occur completely to the other hospitality nation where the original plan was to welcome the teams from group A (South zone). Now entire group B (North zone) plus five matches from the knock-out rounds will have to have a new layout just three weeks before the tournament commences. This will not be a burden for them at all, but strict epidemiologic rules will have to be followed (said two days earlier the Argentine president Alberto Fernandez for local radio).
And today came another shock news: due to fight with the pandemic and very high number of deaths in the country who is in lockdown itself, it could be a possibility that this competition is going to switch continents (stories by Argentine media). United States of America can be a new host, but this has not yet been confirmed by the South American confederation. If this is done, the fourth schedule have to come out (after Australia and Qatar have pulled out in March, together with the two original hospitality nations).


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