01 May 2021

Judges selected and light change of plans

The most complicated European championship 2020 (2021) in its history is going to commence from 11 June, and last week the confederation has revealed couple of important details for the event.
On 21 April was announced the list of 19 referees that will lead every 51 duels. Among them is one new name from another confederation with a debut appearance (from Argentina) where the European football organization from earlier have a signed exchange agreement with the South American counterpart. Returning the favour one 'man in blue' (from Spain) is going to be in charge at Copa America 2020 (2021) duels that will kick-off two nights later from the upper tournament. Besides from the main ones (where each judge have two assistant referees), there are 22 more video assistant officials plus 12 support judges (fourth official in a match). Here, for the first time as well one female is selected for the competition. All names can be seen, and even download from the website of the affiliation.
Two days later expired the extended deadline when each of the cities were asked to give assurances if spectators are going to attend on stadia (because of the epidemic situation). Couple of towns have pulled out from the whole project, and thus: games that were supposed to play in Dublin (Republic of Ireland) were moved to Saint Petersburg (Russia), and duels from Bilbao (who has also cancelled the hospitality) were relocated at Seville (both Spain).


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