16 May 2021

Cannot seat on two chairs at once

The following two stories which comes from Italy can also be interpreted as: either one or the other where both happened this Monday, and the connection between them is very similar to the title.
First the happy news of a club, who after 23 years has returned to participate at the top division. Salernitana has climbed one ladder higher from Serie B, which from 2011 Claudio Lotito co-owns them with his brother-in-law Marco Mezzaroma (back then they were participating in Serie D). But the first name is also a chairman of Lazio, thus there is a clear rule that applies to everyone: it is not allowed for one president to own two teams in the elite. It is hard to choose among this sweet problem, but from the two clubs one must be sold: will it remain with the second or the promoted team who is waiting to play with the best since 1998-99 season would go on. Leaving his kin to manage by himself is not an option because that it is not count here, thus other solution has to be found. Deadline for the businessman is until 10 June who have to decide what to do.
On a totally different story this is not so cheerful for Juventus, only if one word is spoken. This club is the last one from the country that it not distance itself from the failed project which went into ashes in 48 hours time: the so called Super league. Hence the football association boss (Gabriele Gravina) are warning them from now: are going to play with the other two teams who are left at the closed competition or the licence of the new 2021-22 season for Serie A would be lost (so that they will be excluded and not compete).


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