19 May 2021

Official songs of two continental championships

June is the month where on two continents will commence two big events in a space of two nights (there is no doubt that this number is definitely in fashion), while in July winners are going to be crowned. Because of this occasion formal anthems were released last week to celebrate these football holidays.
Released on 14 May, 'We are the people' is going to be a song which the European continent is going to hear for 30 days and nights to salute Euro 2020 (2021). Performer is the legendary Dutch deejay and producer Martin Garrix with help from Bono and The edge.
Three days earlier 'La gozadera' (The enjoyment) was chosen to be listened all across South America in the similar period. It is a remake of the same song from 2015 (with invited guest Marc Anthony), and in 2021 is implemented by the popular Cuban duo Gente de zona. However, Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom Martinez have made a small alternations to their own text they sang six years ago where of course all the efforts was directed on the tournament and made it even more beautiful than the original: "La Copa America lo confirmo, porque la fiesta ya empezo. Todos latiendo, un solo corazon, y los campeones somos tu y yo..." (The Copa America confirmed it, because the party has already started. All beating, a single heart, and the champions are you and me...).
At continuation you can hear the two tracks which will certainly leave deep marks this summer on both parts of the world (and probably beyond).



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