14 May 2021

Wants to create closed Cup

Nowadays more and more 'super (human) brains' likes to create confined tournaments that is targeting only its own financial gains.
A very stupid and disgraceful plan have thought Serie A clubs where last Wednesday they discussed changes to the national Cup. Local media has reported that each one of them accepted to limit the number of teams to 40 on the Coppa Italia competition from next season. In other words, just Serie A (which is the organizer) and Serie B representatives (20 from each championship) will be privileged to participate at the event. Clubs from the third league and below, this agreement simply have called scandalous and that has "an expression of elitist concept of football incapable for having a vision for the whole system".
Promoter of this competition is making excuses, that matches are not very interesting to television broadcasting companies.


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