05 April 2022

Stepped into history

It is true that female football is not represented (enough) here, however the following story just have to be mentioned.
On 30 March Barcelona and Real Madrid played their second leg of the quarter finals from the Women Champions league. The result is not that important, while something else was: spectators at Camp nou from that night have set a new record in female football - 91.553. So far the previous one was on Wanda Metropolitano stadium where the duel Atletico Madrid and Barcelona got watched by 60.739 fans in 2019. And (this time from a team level) the above number also broke the final duel of the World Cup 1999 between United States of America and People's Republic of China when on 10 July at Rose bowl arena were registered 90.185 people.
Just in comparison, the male side of Barcelona this season (until now) was followed by 86.422 crowd.
When men are concerned, the biggest attendance ever (which is unlikely to be smashed because of safety reasons, or even go near it) was from 16 July 1950 where from 173.850 official spectators got raised to 199.854 who watched the World Cup match between Uruguay and Brazil at the Maracana arena.


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