18 April 2022

Urgent request for delay granted

In an Champions league quarter-final duel this Wednesday night Atletico Madrid and Manchester city have 'entertained each other' with their decisive leg. As everyone saw the (ending and overall) result was one of the most boring to watch on this part of the competition, so it is not that significant here, however something else drawn the attention.
Days earlier the European football organization  has ordered to close one section on Wanda Metropolitano arena because the visiting fans in the first 90 minutes did not behave very well (discriminatory content). Speaking in numbers, 5.000 seats had to be emptied, and because the Spanish club appealed urgently at the Court of arbitration for sport the quick answer came from the tribunal who has overturned this decision. Thus the closure was abolished just hours before the kick-off, and the punishment has been automatically erased.
But, now there is a new trouble for the home club which everyone of us has seen it too as well: the investigation has already opened of what happened at the stoppage time of this annoying game...


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