03 April 2022

Details about the last tournament of 2022

Usually at the end of each year the Club World Cup is being played, but this time around it will be a similar tournament (of a different kind). However, here the first word is erased and it remains the last two, which means that at the end of 2022 we will know whose team would rule the planet for the next four years. Yesterday night was the formal draw, but days earlier the world football organization revealed (some) useful information that will accompany this event.
Golden papers. From 19 January until 29 March supporters have purchased 804.186 tickets during the first phase sale. Citizens from Qatar, United States of America, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and England are among the top five countries that these papers were bought. Those who did not had luck in this phase can make a purchase in the second that starts on 05 and runs as far as 28 April. Winning applicants is going to be randomly selected and on a first come first serve basis.
Melody. Because every competition is unimaginable without music, it was announced the official song as well. Just hours before the ceremony began, 'Better together' was chosen as a soundtrack of the competition. 'Hayya Hayya' is a cute song with reggae sounds performed by Trinidad Cardona, Davido and Aisha.
Mascot. And finally, one of the cutest thing was saved for last. Symbolic figure who have to bring good luck to all footballers of an event or otherwise known as mascot - in this case is the charming La'eeb. Firstly you might get the impression that is a ghost, who do not look that frightened at all, and it much gets alike with the animated cartoon jinnee for children Casper: the friendly ghost. This super-skilled player (that is phrase from Arabic) is a very sympathetic and cheerful character who will try to be friends with anyone that is going to be situated in Qatar from November on wards. Very soon he will be available for download on any media platform.


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