23 April 2022

Huge economic consequences has left a club without a licence

The second on the list of the most winning clubs in one European country did not receive the needed documents to compete for the 2022-23 season.
On 13 April this news came as a shock from local media that no one believed in: the Austrian football association refused to give Austria Wien the permit to participate at the Bundesliga championship for next year. Reason behind it is a very difficult financial situation in the club. Now the rules are saying that within eight days after this date the team can appeal to the decision to the protest committee who is going to make a final verdict on 27 of this month. There is also a possibility to show new evidence. If this option fails, then they can file an complaint to the permanent neutral court of arbitration which is an independent body from the association.
But if everything goes right and the licence is issued, the club have to pay 20.000 euros for the delay of the financial statements plus would start from minus four points for the new season that commences on 05 August.


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