26 April 2022

Sanction is valid for second match

On 19 April two quarterfinal rivals were punished by the European football organization and now one of them has to carry its burden in the semifinal match which is scheduled next Thursday at Conference league.
The behavioral disturbances of the fans from Olympique de Marseille (against PAOK) were unacceptable according to the rules, so the club had paid 100.000 euros fine. As this was not enough, for the following week the north stand will have to be closed on its stadium when the club will play Feyenoord at home.
Spectators of the Greek side were irresponsible as well, thus the collective was penalized with 50.000 euros from their first leg encounter. In a period of one month they have to contact the French club in order to agreed for the damages that were done.


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