01 April 2022

Two duels that will never be played for the third time

Out of the five blockbuster games in Africa this Tuesday night, two were prolonged more than the others. Because everyone wants to appear in the World Cup, today two teams have thought a way of how to annul the second leg and would like to play it again, although their rivals have done it fair and square on the pitch by eliminating them of the global event.
Definitely the most interesting duel from the quintet was Algeria - Cameroon. Having won the first 90 minutes with a minimal result, Algeria was hoping to keep that as overall score, however the visitors had other ideas. Basically the home team had 90 more minutes (of the second match) of normal time to give at least a goal and it did not happen, and furthermore it arrive at the second extra. And then came the shock: just 48 seconds before the end of the game the guests turned the whole encounter into their favour. As they were very angry of the final outcome, 48 hours later the Algerian federation has complained about the whole duel to the world football organization and requested to play again. This time the reason was found on the official in 'blue', who is also one of the best on the continent Bakary Papa Gassama. Home team has stated the poor performance of the Gambian referee who affected the final result.
Played more minutes than its predecessor, and in identical situation was Egypt where they also like to have a re-match against Senegal. Accusations of racism, use of green lasers (which on the television broadcast was clearly seen that indeed happened during the whole time), various objects that were thrown from spectators on the terrain (bottles, stones) was 'enough' to be granted a deja-vu meeting with its rivals, which defeated them in lottery penalty shootouts. Moreover, the behaviour of the home fans were just 'horrible' when the Egyptian bus was attacked and damaged, so obviously the players experienced some kind of terror before the match. And on it, they only wanted to defend the result from leg one, which later has proved to be a really bad idea.


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