20 April 2022

Withdrawn from club international tournaments

It looks like that for the third consecutive year the club international competitions in Asia are having troubles appearing with all of them as was originally planned. Reason for the pulling out from 11 April is the same when this crisis began in 2020 (with the new season) throughout the continent: positive pandemic cases.
The megalopolis city in People's Republic of China, Shanghai, has entered into the third week of complete and difficult quarantine. Its club from the identical town had the right to participate of 16 April in the Champions league, but due to restrictive traveling measures Shanghai port was forced to withdraw from the event. As there is no replacement now the J group continues with three teams.
Maldives have no such thing. However the situation in Club Valencia was dreadful to that point that many players have been infected with the virus, thus from the second preliminary round this team is no longer competing at the Afc Cup (where the qualifying is currently underway).


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