01 June 2024

Debut card to be shown only if...

In June the most awaiting Copa America is going to begin, but before that the organizers have altered the rules (a little bit) and for the first time an unusual card can be shown.
From the statement which was issued on 21 May says that for the 2024 edition of this tournaments a new card may be shown. Despite the original and regular two (cards), the official on the terrain or the fourth referee may issue a pink as well. This colour card would get a player if it has hard head injury or is suffering from concussion.
According to the newest rule: one team can make five substitutions, and if a player can not continue the game after that because of these symptoms, the officials are notified, a pink card would be given and a sixth change will be allowed to happen. However, if a normal change is doing simultaneously with a footballer who is having heavy head injury signs then automatically one substitution will be taken away (for that team).


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