10 June 2024

Weekend full of joy

Out of three football championships on a team level that are scheduled to start this month in three different countries, two of them would kick-off next weekend.

For 30 days and nights Germany is going to be the main focus on the European continent. At the edition number 17, we are expecting to see 51 duels, and the whole competition would be held in 10 hospitality cities and on 10 stadia. Twenty three teams have played this event before, but only one would make its debut in 2024 (Georgia). Italy will try and defend the title that was won 3 years ago.

Round 1
14 June, Friday at 21.00 CEt: Germany - Scotland.

15 June, Saturday at 15.00 CEt: Hungary - Switzerland.
15 June, Saturday at 18.00 CEt: Spain - Croatia.
15 June, Saturday at 21.00 CEt: Italy - Albania.

16 June, Sunday at 15.00 CEt: Poland - Netherlands.
16 June, Sunday at 18.00 CEt: Slovenia - Denmark.
16 June, Sunday at 21.00 CEt: Serbia - England.

At the other side of the world the tiniest confederation from all 6 is organizing its own competition that is simply named as the Nations Cup that is going to be held in 2 countries. Originally 8 participants supposed to commence the eleventh edition in the Oceania region, however on 06 June New Caledonia has officially pulled out of the tournament because of the current crisis in the country (civil unrest). Therefore, the show will go on with 7 teams: group A with 3 of them would be situated in Vanuatu, while games from B are going to be staged in Fiji. Because of the known health reasons the 2020 edition was skipped (cancelled), thus the defending champion from 2016 is New Zealand. Majority of participants would have to be introduced to the public with the following layout.

Phase 1
15 June, Saturday at 06.00 CEt: Solomon islands - Vanuatu.

16 June, Sunday at 03.00 CEt: Tahiti - Samoa.
16 June, Sunday at 06.00 CEt: Papua New Guinea - Fiji.


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