16 January 2017

Decision week

From the central American zone next week we will (finally) find out which four will depart into the Gold Cup, one 'lucky' team who will be given a lifeline with the additional playoff game and one 'unlucky' team who will want to forget everything and stay at home for the next two years. Because participating in this summer's event is a dream come true for every CONCACAF team, so for the last three matchdays we are sure that we are going to see some cracking and outstanding football.
So far, no one has the advantage of progressing through i.e. everyone can be at the quartet and everyone can be placed fifth, while for the sixth team there will be no discussion here. Thus 'only' nine games are left to play in this sub-region. Whereas who will be happy and who will be less happy we are going to find out at the closure of next weekend.

17 January, Tuesday at 22.06 CET: El Salvador - Belize.

18 January, Wednesday at 00.36 CET: Costa Rica - Nicaragua.
18 January, Wednesday at 03.06 CET: Panama - Honduras.

20 January, Friday at 22.06 CET: Nicaragua - Belize.

21 January, Saturday at 00.36 CET: Honduras - Costa Rica.
21 January, Saturday at 03.06 CET: Panama - El Salvador.

22 January, Sunday at 17.06 CET: Belize - Honduras.
22 January, Sunday at 19.36 CET: El Salvador - Nicaragua.
22 January, Sunday at 22.06 CET: Panama - Costa Rica.

Note: From the original schedule every game is delayed from 5 to 7 minutes tops (six was placed here because it is most common to start).


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