08 January 2017

Duo may (easily) become trio

It is no secret that nine years from now the north American continent will welcome the best national teams in the world (but the real question will be how much). In October the world football organization has confirmed that there will be no limitations of countries who wants to host the 2026 World cup. Just before entering 2017, last Wednesday, CONCACAF president Victor Montagliani has said that officials from three associations will meet this year to discuss joint bid for the 2026 event: Canada, United States of America (USA) and Mexico. 'It is time to come back' said the president referring to the 1994 successful football show in USA. South Korea and Japan were last joint hosts countries from 2002.
Connected with this subject, there are currently 32 nations competing the World cup. When he was running for president back in February, Gianni Infantino promised expansion to 40 teams, however later 'quickly changed his mind' by adding 8 to it. So for the first time we can see 48 countries starting from 2026. But first that number need to be approved by FIFA's council in a Zurich meeting next week.


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