17 January 2017

End of a round

On the schedule tonight are the last two games from round one. Even though big names are involved in both pairs, surprises are always possible (especially in the first game).

- Ghana - Uganda. Not long ago there was a fairytale which existed on this continent. There was a team who once conducted fear wherever they played and their opponents were unable to do anything. Those 11 were even considered one of the best African nation at the World cup. Unfortunately, nowadays that team is gone and although Ghana is trying to copy past performances they are doing an awful job. The west African nation is still considered to take this game, but on the other hand Uganda still hope to gain something of it - with sharing of points.
- Mali - Egypt. Big footballing nations and that is why is a game to watch in group D. In past meetings Egypt has had success of one goal difference and that proves how strong are these two teams. Mali had its good form until recently, but suddenly began to fail and are not reliable for a win anymore. Thus this team would never be underestimated, but their opponents are a little bit better and if they are focused enough Egypt should give more than one goal.


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