25 January 2017

Idiotic hooligan's behavior

This evening standard Togo goalkeeper Kossi Agassa refused to participate at the last group match against Democratic Republic of Congo because of the terrible news he got from his homeland. Group of young very passionate supporters, who blame him for the loss versus Morocco from the previous round, vandalized and burned down his home in the community Adakpame who is in the capital Lome, although it was protected by police. Extremely irritated and with songs and slogans they 'protested' in violent way before his house. 'Agassa, do not come back to Lome ; rest in Gabon if you know what is good for you' were some of the angry words from these hooligans. Security forces and police came quickly on the spot, and since then has placed Agassa's property under protection. Deeply saddened of what has happened the unfortunate 38 year old goalkeeper just pulled out from the team without a word. The whole event took place last weekend.
It seems that some people, either they are doing this deliberately or not, do not realize that this is only a game.


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