11 January 2017

'What I am saying it has to be final'

Forty as a digit will be 'too little' to participate in the finals, but adding 8 more will be quite enough. While the first number was not even considered, the second one was accepted 'way too easily'.
Beginning from 2026 World cup in north America (now we know that multiple countries will be hosts), 48 teams will be represented into the event for the first time. The FIFA council, which has 37 members, unanimously accepted Gianni Infantino's decision to increase current format with 16 new teams. His idea is to have 16 groups with 3 nations each in round one. After that 32 best will continue in the knockout round. That will add number of matches from 64 to 80, and the tournament still will last 32 days. The president is confident that this drastic change will help smaller teams to get experience in the World cup.
At the end it will be interesting to see what kind of system it will be in 9 years time. Many critics, including prominent European clubs and coaches, are saying that FIFA jeopardize the winning formula.


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