14 January 2017

Three weeks thrills in Gabon may begin

Almost simultaneously with Copa Centroamericana, one other event will have major focus in the footballing world. Starting from today and until 25 January, 16 teams will entertain us with their skills in the thirty-first edition of the TOTAL Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon. There are 4 groups with 4 teams each which will play in 4 cities across the country. Each group has been given its own city and like that will stay until the last week of the month. After that knockout stages will commence who will last until 05 February, where the best team of Africa will be crowned.

- Gabon - Giunea-Bissau. What a way to open the tournament. Guinea-Bissau did not ask for a better start than to play the host right at the beginning. Although they are the only newcomers in the event the visitors will be poised to show a good game and prove themselves why Guinea-Bissau is deservedly here, among 16 top best teams. In this first game everything is expected from Gabon, who unfortunately have some difficulties scoring goals. Their opponent seems to be in the same situation, but still mighty Gabon should take this easily (with lots of sweating).
- Burkina Faso - Cameroon. Although the first game may be 'easy' for predicting, the second might be tough. Burkina Faso is playing four time champions Cameroon, who still need to prove to take title number five. Lately both teams are playing good, quality and breathtaking football, so it is really difficult to pick up a winner. In their meetings Cameroon looks like a slightly better team, but nowadays everything is possible. Even though the Indomitable Lions could be heading for another win, Burkinabe will always strike back, so that this match might end in an exciting draw.


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