23 January 2017

Statistics from central America

Just finished Copa Centroamericana in Rommel Fernandez stadium in Panama City, Panama provided lots of excitements, plenty of thrills, fantastic moves, disappointments for some and joy for others. Here is the recap what has happened over the past 10 days:
- Goals. From 15 matches 27 goals were scored or 1.8 per game. First 45 minutes is a leader with only one goal difference from the second: in the opening half players were in the mood where 14 times have touched the net, while after the break 13 goals were scored.
- Results. The unpopular result (0:0) was repeated 3 times, 2:1 and 1:2 also 3 times, while 3:1 was in 2 games. However, the absolute leader was 1:0 and 0:1 which we saw in 6 matches, whilst 0:3 is the lone result.
- Scorers. Henry Figueroa from Honduras has opened the scoring in this fourteenth edition of Copa Centroamericana, but unfortunately it was in his own net.
Eddie Hernandez (Honduras) is the best goalscorer with 3 goals. Four players have scored twice: Erick Andino (Honduras), Jose Ortiz (Costa Rica), Rubilio Castillo (El Salvador) and Bryan Garcia (Nicaragua). Fifteen more names got on the score sheet.
- Punishments. There were 2 penalties awarded and successfully converted for Belize and Honduras
- 'Bad boys'. Out of six, only one team has 'produced' undisciplined players. El Salvador is the 'guilty' side with 3 red cards from different matches. Two of them were direct red cards in the same game (against Honduras) and later two yellow were issued in a match versus Panama.
- Winners, semi-winner and looser. We will see more from the newly title winners Honduras, runner up Panama, last game winner El Salvador and, now, former champion Costa Rica this summer in the north American football championship popularly known as Gold cup. Fifth team Nicaragua is not out of it yet, but they have to do another, last job i.e. play an additional game with Haiti at a later date for the final 12 spot before the main 07 July event. Disappointing Belize will watch the show from home on TV.


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