22 January 2017

Crucial games

Over the next four days there will be a real battle at the African championship. Apart from some who are already booked their place into the quarter finals, the rest desperately trying to get into it and be in the competition as long as possible. From tonight all matches will start at the same time.

- Guinea-Bissau - Burkina Faso. Guinea-Bissau are a tough team to beat and that was proven in the previous two games. In round three debutants awaits Burkina Faso who urgently wants to collect three points in hope for progression for the next phase. Burkinabe will do everything to achieve the victory and the 'hard walnut which cannot be broken that easily' will make sure that is going to leave the pitch undefeated.
- Cameroon - Gabon. 'Lucky' 12 minute goal from normal time in the previous game helped Cameroon to be at the top. Now all they have to do is not to lose against the hosts, which are having a hard time at this tournament. Stimulus for Gabon is maybe the home crowd as they will be behind them no matter what. Their previous meetings shows that a goal difference is required to separate these two sides, but nowadays for the way they play no one deserves to win. However Cameroon is a little bit closer to collect new three points.


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