28 January 2017

Knockout time

This weekend (over the next two days) all quarter final matches will be played and tonight it will start with the first two. Slip-ups are not allowed, unless if teams want to torture themselves and try their 'luck' (later) in the lottery penalty shootout.

- Burkina Faso - Tunisia. Honor to open the first knockout stage have two teams which were struggling to get their victories from the group stages. However, this may not be applied for Tunisia who are in excellent goal scoring form from the opponent. Favorites to take this match in normal time may give the team high expectations in the later games. This evening they play Burkina Faso, which was definitely torturing themselves scoring goals. With this Burkinabe will try to parry Tunisia to trying at least draw the game in normal time, but the north African country is a little bit too experienced and try to 'steal' the game in 90 minutes.
- Senegal - Cameroon. This match may be exact copy to the previous one, but in a different way. With its play Senegal its considered to take the championship and it is on the best way to do that. Unlike their rivals, they are capable of scoring goals with good steady form, play and discipline. It looks like that this match will not be a problem to them. On the other hand Cameroon showed lack of effectiveness so far and if they want to progress through the team need to step on it hard. In this case their previous meetings are not important, so here tight game is expected, Cameroon will try to do everything to take it, but Senegal will prove why they are favorites and seal it with a win.


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