20 January 2017

Three teams want their first win

Four teams will entertain us for the second time in group C. With new three points one team could start celebrating the knockout phase.

- Ivory Coast - Democratic Republic of Congo. Inefficient from the first game, Ivory Coast is playing against the only team which has a victory in this third group. If we see that Democratic Republic of Congo are capable enough of scoring goals than we can see the highest scoring game so far. When these two are playing there are always plenty of goals, so we do not mind if they repeat festivity of goals in the game which is ahead of us. It is really tough to predict a winner, but sharing points would be a good idea.
- Morocco - Togo. For these two this is it: whoever win this can hope to prologue more matches played in the tournament. Either side did not win their opening games from the first round thus we have to see a good play tonight. Nor Morocco nor Togo are in exceptionally good form and it can be problem for both. So, this can be the final chance they have for improvement at the event. On their meetings both are playing really tight games with one goal difference, but it might happen that no one will win tonight.


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