23 January 2017

Twenty four teams learned their fate

Capital Abu Dhabi was the host of the last qualifying draw for the Asian Cup 2019 which will be held in United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 05 January until 01 February.
During the process ceremony the logo was revealed: covered in UAE flag, colored ribbons in red, green, white and black bound together creating seven hexagons which represents seven emirates in the country.
For the draw itself 24 teams, which are in divided in 6 groups of 4, are hunting those 12 magical spots for the grand finale in two years time. Before the proceeding began there were 4 pots with 6 teams where each of them were positioned in their group places (here are given in reverse order, drawn from fourth until first spot in the group or from weakest to the strongest teams).

Group A: Macau, Myanmar, India, Kyrgyzstan.

Group B: Malaysia, Lebanon, Hong Kong, North Korea.

Group C: Cambodia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Jordan.

Group D: Bhutan, Maldives, Palestine, Oman.

Group E: Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Turkmenistan, Bahrain.

Group F: Nepal, Yemen, Tajikistan, Philippines.

There will be 6 matchdays which will last exactly one year, starting from 28 March.


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