16 January 2017

Day three with group C

Matches fifth and six brings us four teams which are placed in one of the toughest group at the event or simply called the group of death. Because there are no actual winners i.e. it is really difficult to pick top two winners lots of quality skills, knowledge and techniques are mainly required in this third group.

- Ivory Coast - Togo. In the first game of the night we are going to see another possible contender for the trophy. Lately Ivory Coast is playing sloppy, but really good football unlike Togo who is lacking some defence and also have the ability of scoring goals. Previous meetings shows that the Ivorians are a little bit better than its opponent, however its a real question how they are adapting on this neutral ground. The same goes for Togo on whether the team will continue scoring goals. Still 'the Elephants' are considered slight favorites to take first three points, even with a goal difference.
- Democratic Republic of Congo - Morocco. Some media reported that Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) refuse to participate in the competition due to unpaid wages. We are sure that internal matter will be solved quickly, so that DRC will go out and play from tonight. In spite of all that 'trouble' the team is very coherent and impossible to beat. And this evening they are playing against another good team, this time from north Africa. Teams finds it extremely difficult playing against Morocco, as they are also stubborn football fighters until the very end. When you are going to connect two strong teams who has to play each other the first things that comes to mind is that no one will win and everyone will (maybe) be satisfied. Nevertheless, the quality is guaranteed.


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