15 January 2017

Four teams still in search of tournament's first win

The African Nations Cup is continuing today with its first matches from group B. And like yesterday at the same time, the second game seems to be quite fierce.

- Algeria - Zimbabwe. 24 hours ago 'the underdogs' Guinea-Bissau surprised the home crowd producing the biggest shock right at the opening and tonight Zimbabwe wants to follow those steps of success. Their opposition, Algeria does not forgive anyone who looks to be on a very high form for the event and possible title contenders. Because of their play they should win the game, however in the past meetings Zimbabwean players gave lots of headaches to Algerian defence. The neutral pitch should not pose problems to these two, but the Algerian quality of players that possess have to help them overcome this first hurdle.
- Tunisia - Senegal. By just looking at it the first pair is 'not that interesting to watch', but in the second one we might have many sparkles and good entertainment on the pitch for an excellent game of football. Many is expected from this pair this evening because every time when these two meet the match ends in an exciting draw. Despite all stalemates Tunisia is a little bit better team from its opponent, although lately they struggle to find its true form. On the other hand Senegal's results are (very) promising, thus they should (earn hard) three points tonight.


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