04 October 2017

Illegal ticket selling

Four officials from Juventus has been heavily fined along with the club itself. At the start of last week, the Italian football federation has suspended the president of the team Andrea Agnelli by banning him to one year due to illegal ticket selling. The 41 year old gave tickets to the ultra fans of the team which then same spectators resell illegally to the free market. Agnelli has admitted that he met with leader of the fans Rocco Dominello, who spent 8 years in prison for various offences, and is connected with Calabrian mafia gang 'Ndrangheta. Ticketing director Stefano Merulla and former marketing director Francesco Calvo also got one year ban, while dismissal of 15 months plus 20.000 euros fine got security director Alessandro d'Angelo. Serie A champions are also penalized with 300.000 euros.
Giuseppe Pecoraro, main prosecutor in this case, wanted 2 and a half year suspension for the president, financial fine and two matches behind close doors for the team.


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