11 March 2018

New ideas - same meaning...and more football

Last year the European continent introduced a new tournament and two months ago conducted the first ever draw. Two months later North, Central America and Caribbean announced this event with the same name. It seems regions with most members can have this competition, so now we are only awaiting Africa and Asia to follow this example and do the same.
Newly formed Nations league is going to be played (for now) on two continents. After the above mentioned confederation, next in order is CONCACAF, which introduced it at the start of the week (on Monday). Here this event is going to be divided in 2 parts: qualifying and group phase. As this region counts for 41 members, 34 will start in the first stage, 6 are going to join on the second while 1 team is not allowed to start. Qualifying section will begin with 34 teams, who are based on the latest CONCACAF ranking. This part is going to start from September, while from 2019 will begin the official tournament where 6 strong teams from the Hexagonal event (which were at the World Cup qualifiers) are going to join the competition. For this system, like the European model, the same rule will apply: we also are going to have leagues A, B, C and D where top and bottom finishers will go one league higher or lower. One and the only team who is going to miss this inaugural event is Guatemala, which is still suspended by FIFA. At this whole process time for joy certainly are going to have the small ranked teams who will also benefit from this tournament.
Last month this confederation has announced that is expanding the Gold Cup event for 4 new teams, so from 2019 edition the future CONCACAF champion will be seeking from 16 participants. Nations league also is expected to give places to the main tournament in the region - the Gold Cup.


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