31 January 2019

Admitting of guilt

Last Tuesday Cristiano Ronaldo admitted that he evaded tax in Spain from 2011 until 2014 and is convicted of 4 criminal acts. In that period the Portuguese striker illegally has adopted 5.7 million euros. The Madrid court punished him with 23-month prison, but because this is the first offence, the jail term will be switched into financial fine. All in all, the 33-year-old has to give away little less than double the amount - 10.2 million euros, or divided in parts: the demanded tax of 5.7 million euros, interest (1 million euros), penalties (3.2 million euros) and the converted prison sentence (360.000 euros).
Before the verdict is even reached some media has announced that the player have to pay an enormous sum of 18.8 million euros, however at the end the star has to deliver 8.6 million euros less to the financial authorities in Spain.


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