28 November 2021

Last two representatives known

This week the list was completed for the final club tournament that is playing every year near its end (special circumstances were not taken into consideration).
On Tuesday Al Hilal did not receive a goal at the final, and like that became winners of the Asian Champions league for the fourth time. Saying this, the Saudi Arabian club will have the honour to represent its continent (as champions) on the above mentioned event, and whose confederation are going to compete with two teams (Al Jazira is being the other as host).
And today the last missing club was revealed. Because the country was already known, we have waited only for the name to come out: winners of the South American Copa Libertadores competition for 2021 is Palmeiras from Brazil.
Now a few words for the mysterious event from the first row: it is called the Club World Cup where the draw is closing in - it will be on Monday, 29 November.


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