30 November 2021

One pair was formed in whole draw

Today was performed the penultimate draw for 2021 in a competition that once was the holiday for club football at the end of every year, but because of special (natural) circumstances the last couple of years is moved to the following one. It is determined that the Club World Cup will commence on 03 February 2022, while the eighth and last game would be played nine nights later. Couple of teams were connected to play between each other of the second round and that was the only mystery of the whole thing.
Previously it was known that in the competition at United Arab Emirates is going to open the host and (the nominated) champions of Oceania region (Al Jazira - Auckland city). Whoever will be victorious in this duel, is going to clash with the Asian Champions league winners (Al Hilal) at the second phase. Furthermore, the winning team of this game would play the European representative (Chelsea) at semi-finals.
However, from the second phase there is one more pair where the layout has linked the champions of African together with North, Central and Caribbean confederation (Al Ahly and Monterrey). That team who will triumph here awaits the South American Copa Libertadores champion (Palmeiras).


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