21 November 2021

Like to have a re-play

After the catastrophic leading of the duel for the man in blue at the World Cup qualifiers now the losing team (with every right) wants to do it all over again.
Ghana and South Africa on 14 November were entertaining each other at group G, while the winning team went onto the third elimination round of the African region for the World Cup tournament next year. The home side claimed all three points thanks to a scandalous (and extremely funny) punishment which was given from Maguette Ndiaye. For the foul the Senegalese referee saw how Daniel Amartey fell (easily) in the penalty area like the (strong) wind who blows up leaves from the trees and nevertheless pointed to the white spot. However, in this scenario the wind did not even existed or not to mention a small breeze. The following day the visitors quickly responded and filed a complaint with a negative report on the official, so the world football organization like it or not have to review the case (which they already are).
Overall, the 'righteous' man in blue have lead the game very dreadful (with plenty of serious mistakes) during the whole 90 plus minutes.


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