08 February 2017

'Avaricious' Europe wants more places

It is no news that from 2026 we will see an increased number of teams in the World cup. Four years after Qatar, spectators in north America for the first time will have to adapt on new format for the main football event with 48 teams. And from now, one 'greedy' confederation wants more places at the show.
'In worst case scenario, we demand at least 16 places for Europe', said Aleksander Ceferin last Monday for the German newspaper 'Die Welt'. Maybe the UEFA president is fearing that the old continent will remain with 13 spots, which has nowadays, but he also stated that best quality football is playing in Europe and south America. The Slovenian also added that UEFA was against the expansion of more teams, however the decision nevertheless was accepted. Upon his 'request' on determination of participants Ceferin is asking FIFA to take into account the number of states who are playing quality football (does it?), while from the other side the world organization wants to allocate more places for Asia and Africa.
Who will have more, who will have less, who will stay disappointed or who will be happy all continents will find out on the congress in May in Bahrain.


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