04 February 2017

New competition introduced

If you want to enter in major European tournament through backdoor there is another chance. However, in order to get that chance you have to be very very successful with practically no mistakes.
Last Thursday UEFA has introduced completely new tournament, simply called Nations league. Its main point is to replace, reduce or to have no participation at all - the meaningless friendly games, which more and more coaches and FAs are against them. All 55 member states will take part at the event and for the winners there are, of course, lots of fantastic prizes: partaking at the EURO 2020 event (for starters).
The format of the new league is very perplexed, as all nations want the same thing: being at the finals (future EURO tournaments). But in order to get to those finals lots of matches have to be played, and first kick off is scheduled to start from September 2018. There will be four leagues: from A with the strongest to D with the weakest teams. Each of those four leagues will then be divided in four groups with four or three teams...


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