05 February 2017

In search for new king of Africa

Gabon this evening will see the last game in the African cup of nations for 2017. In the thirty-first edition the continent will have new champion which will rule for the next two years.

- Egypt - Cameroon. There is no doubt that Libreville tonight will see a spectacular final match between (probably) the two best teams in the championship. Egypt did not receive a goal in the event up until the semi-final, which shows that their defence can be vulnerable (sometimes). Cameroon poses a big threat to them, with lots of good players capable of reaching the net. Out of the two Cameroon have scored maximum two goals which will be extremely difficult even to repeat that. Unless the players are focused enough they can achieve that, but Egypt will always strike back. Since both are very strong, it looks like that the game will end in a stalemate and after additional time penalties will decide: either eighth title for The pharaohs or fifth for Indomitable lions.


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