27 April 2017

Canceled membership

The most anticipated and dramatic club event in the world is, without doubt El Clasico. Everybody wants to witness (probably) the best two teams in Spain fighting against each other on the pitch - Real Madrid and Barcelona. And last weekend the stadium was too small for everyone to attend that match: some spectators did everything to see the mega-derby offering real wealth while others 'renounced' that right for a bigger price.
Out of anger due to the final result, fear or something third, Real Madrid on Tuesday in cooperation with state police deprived 357 membership owners accusing them of re-selling their tickets to the visiting fans. It was very 'strange' that Blaugrana spectators sat at various sections throughout Santiago Bernabeu stadium, who were mingled with home fans. Before the game even began, investigation was already opened for 1.450 members.
According to reports those cards were paid from 500 and even up to 1.000 euros, knowing that membership for northern stands behind the goal for one year costs around 450 euros. With this yearly ticket owners may watch championship duels only and is not valid neither for Copa del Rey nor Champions league games.


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