30 April 2017

Merciless organization

Football officials are falling like pawns mostly of their own 'mistakes'. Doing it deliberately or not, FIFA does not forgive at all (that easily).
Last Friday ex-president of Costa Rica FA, Eduardo Li was banned for life from the sport. Saying good-bye to football he admitted that he (asked and received) taking bribes from marketing companies and for racketeering.
Same fate experienced Richard Lai. On Thursday night the Guam FA president admitted that he 'appropriated' 950.000 dollars in bribes between 2009 and 2014, so now he has to pay 1.1 million back in penalties. The verdict: yesterday FIFA and AFC suspended him for 90 days.
FIFA's ethics committee wants a 4 year ban on Gordon Derrick. Against the Caribbean Football Union president and Antigua and Barbuda's general secretary is opened a case for corruption.


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