10 April 2017

Quarter-final time

This is the month when we will find out all semi finalists in both European cup tournaments. We are left with 16 best clubs on the continent and all 8 pairs starts from leg one. From this round and up until the finals only 2 time slots apply.

Champions league, as always, is divided on to 2 days. Each day, 2 pairs will be played in its standard time of 20.45 CET.

Tuesday, 11 April: Borussia Dortmund - Monaco and Juventus - Barcelona.

Wednesday, 12 April: Atletico Madrid - Leicester and Bayern Munich - Real Madrid.

And twenty minutes later, from 21.05 CET, is starting the most exciting Europa league. Only one nation, Belgium, have couple of clubs more in the competition than 'rest of Europe'.

Thursday, 13 April: Ajax - Schalke 04, Anderlecht - Manchester United, Celta Vigo - Genk and Olympique Lyon - Besiktas.


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