24 April 2017

Unjustified heavy amercement

Just one day before the return leg in Turkey this Thursday at the Europa league, UEFA has issued an unwarranted and funny fine. On 14 April Olympique Lyon and Besiktas match was delayed for 46 minutes (to be exact) due to spectators' invasion on the pitch. Although (another) lack of security at the entrance of the stadium were to blame now both clubs have to pay 100.000 euros. On top of that this duo has been put on probationary period of 2 years i.e. both will be thrown out of European competitions on one season in next 2 years if these incidents are repeated by their fans.
The home side has been charged with poor organization of the game, blocking stairways, setting off fireworks and incursion of the spectators at the end of the game. On the edge of being suspended are their Turkish rivals as well which are accused of spectators' fight with police and French fans, fireworks and throwing objects on the pitch. But, as always there was no word on the security presence.


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