01 May 2017

Four matches in three days, part one

The first week of May is reserved for semi final games at both European league competitions. Little by little we came until the end, where 8 more matches awaits us before the finals.

It is already known that Champions league start the first in its standard time of 20.45 CET. Out of the two duels, one will be deja-vu game: not so long ago, on 28 May 2016 in the Milan final two 'old' rivals from the same city will meet again in this same competition. Can you guess which pair is it?

Tuesday, 02 May: Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid.

Wednesday, 03 May: Monaco - Juventus.

If the predecessor is mostly known (probably) for retaliation match(es) which happened one year ago, the Europa league always is famous for its thrills and plenty of goals from round to round. Usually games in this tournament begins at the same time, but with an exception, next week both games are divided in two days.

Wednesday, 03 May at 18.45 CET: Ajax - Olympique Lyon.

Thursday, 04 May at 21.05 CET: Celta Vigo - Manchester United.


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