07 May 2017

Newspaper quintet goes to court because of 'a crime'

Sport journalist Javier Sanchez, data collecting journalist Paula Guisado, research journalist Quico Alsedo and director Pedro Garcia Cuartango, who works at the famously known newspaper 'El Mundo', are accused in Madrid due to unlawfully collecting information about players who evade taxes in the affair 'football leaks'. Together with director of the publishing house Unidad Editorial, Antonio Fernandez Galiano, needs to appear in court on 18 May.
On 02 December all Spanish media needed to stop issuing the articles, after judge Arturo Zamarriego forbids them from further publishment. El Mundo is compiled in a consortium of 12 European media issuing series of articles about Real Madrid players who avoid paying taxes to the state, who among them is best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo. As football leaks continued, last Thursday Zamarriego has charged all five for disobeying a court order.
Their answer, and it is evidently, that El Mundo did not came to those information illegally, and the articles were published simultaneously in all 12 media united at the consortium. Reactions from many journalists associations want the judge to revoke the order, while opposition political parties accuse the government of protecting the clubs and players. Parliamentary representative at the Podemos party (We can), Alberto Garzon said that this is a 'powerful network with big economic interests' which includes marketing and construction companies. 'People at the end understands there is one justice for rich and one for poor' he added.


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