19 May 2017

TV exclusive agreement

The biggest event in north America will happen this summer with the Gold cup event. We certainly cannot wait for this month to start, and right from the first kick off of the ball until the last we will see a familiar advertising channel throughout the stadiums in United States of America.
The Sports Network (TSN for short) has signed up a multi-year contract with CONCACAF confederation to become an official sponsor at the 2017 Gold cup tournament. So little is known of this network in Europe, but over in north America this is one of the leading sport channels, based in Canada. With the agreement signed this Tuesday, TSN will have a free advertisement panels on all stadiums plus every game will be broadcast on its platforms: mobile applications and web site.
Together in a package, and apart from the upcoming competition, TSN has also grabbed, joined the community and is now exclusive partner of CONCACAF Scotiabank Champions league starting from this August.


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