06 May 2017

World Cup qualifying fines

Last Thursday FIFA has issued, more or less, heavy amercement for 9 FAs which the organization will collect in total 289.000 Swiss francs (266.480 euros). European region lead the way with 5 associations penalized, followed by CONMEBOL with 2 plus CONCACAF and Asia zone each have 1 fine.
Mexico is the only country from north America and Caribbean region with the lowest amount of 10.000 Swiss francs (9.221 euros). Next on the list are Italy and Montenegro, who are each penalized with 15.000 Swiss francs (13.831 euros). Both teams were fined for various incidents. Going higher with 17.500 Swiss francs (16.136 euros) has to pay Poland because their fans used pyrotechnics on their last qualifying game. Twenty thousand Swiss francs (18.441 euros) are for the first south American country - Argentina. Bosnia and Herzegovina has to pay 6.500 more (24.435 euros) because their spectators also used pyrotechnics. Second and last team in this list from south America is Brazil who has to give 35.000 Swiss francs (32.273 euros). Together with their hot rivals Argentina, Brazilians are also punished for bad behavior of their fans who were discriminatory and sang homophobic chants. IR Iran is the second most highest team which are losing 50.000 Swiss francs (46.104 euros). The only Asian representative is penalized for the overcrowded pitch and using of pyrotechnics in the game against PR China. Albania is at the top of 'bad' countries with the highest fine in this list of 100.000 Swiss francs (92.207 euros). The main reason is because their supporters were throwing pyrotechnics in the game against Italy who was interrupted for several minutes. And again no question of lack of security presence at the gates.


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