13 May 2017

Final two referees

Just 14 hours after the second European cup tournament semifinals which finished in a thrilling fashion, UEFA has announced final two 'men in yellow' of the season.
Stockholm will be host for the two best teams at the Europa league. In the Swedish capital on 24 May Ajax and Manchester United will fight for the title. In this game both teams will have to 'listen' to Damir Skomina from Slovenia. Whoever will be victorious from Friends Arena the main prize would be entering Champions league 2017/18 season.
And talking about that league, just 10 days later at the Welsh capital, Germany's Felix Brych will round up 2016/17 season. Champions league final game will be decided in Cardiff at the National stadium of Wales on Saturday, 03 June between Juventus and Real Real Madrid. Besides the title and great financial boost winner in this duel will represent European region at the Club World cup at the end of the year in United Arab Emirates.
Both matches will start from 20.45 CET.


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