21 June 2017

Tax evasion mania among coaches as well

We can understand how famous players are (sometimes) guilty for evading tax authorities, but now that trend is slowly overflowing among coaches as well. From today on that (long) list is added a Portuguese coach who is currently working in England, however (somehow) is charged in Spain. Recently Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of deceiving tax authorities for 1.47 million euros, but Jose Mourinho is an absolute recorder nowadays with 3.3 million. According to El Pais newspaper, in 2011 he did not pay 1.6 million, while one year later 1.7 million euros and all that happened when he was a manager of Real Madrid. Because the 54 year old ‘forgot’ to pay that big amount back then, the Spanish prosecutors has filed a lawsuit against him on Tuesday.


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