22 December 2018

Decoration of busses consisting words

With just over 15 days remaining, an Asian football main event now is getting very close. Although the starting date of the Asian Cup is going to be only 5 days old in 2019, this breathtaking tournament with the best 24 teams of the continent must never be missed.
The above mentioned 24, towards the training and official games, will be carried on by busses whom on them is going to be written just one sentence. Those words, which are popularly known as slogans, have to give players strength and stimulus every time they look in it for the games ahead. In the past 3 months the confederation conducted a survey asking supporters which motto would be best for the participating teams on their official website. Selection process was closed on 05 November, whilst the winners were announced 11 days ago by the Asian football organization.
Ending results were more than astonishing as over than 105.000 votes were registered. Out of this number an absolute winner is the Islamic Republic of Iran receiving more than 25.000 votes, while over 11.000 goes to the victory slogan. Here are all bus phrases for the first official competition next year.

Australia: Heroes will rise.
Bahrain: Never say never.
India: Blue tigers: The hope of a nation.
Iraq: Lions always prevail.
Islamic Republic of Iran: Eighty million people. One nation. One heartbeat.
Japan: Respect all, fear none.
Jordan: Make Jordan proud.
Kyrgyzstan: The White Falcons!
Lebanon: The Cedars are coming.
North Korea: In the spirit of Chollima.
Oman: Four million hearts, one dream.
Palestine: We will triumph. We are Palestine.
People's Republic of China: Fighting for the same dream.
Philippines: To dream the impossible.
Qatar: We and the nation of pride are fine.
Saudi Arabia: From the desert to the throne of the continent.
South Korea: We are the Reds.
Syria: One team. One nation. One Syria.
Thailand: Changsuek together as one.
Turkmenistan: Green ground, green team, green Turkmenistan.
United Arab Emirates: Our time is now.
Uzbekistan: Here we are Uzbekistan.
Vietnam: Golden star warriors.
Yemen: Never give up.


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