31 December 2018

The Asian greatest show is ready to start

On the last Sunday in 2018, we are introducing the first official tournament at 2019 playing in United Arab Emirates. Next year even 4 continental champions will be known, while the primary winner is going to be known in the second month. With great interest, the football world is going to watch the prestigious seventeenth edition of the Asian Cup, where the champion will qualify for the Confederations Cup event in 2021 in some Asian country which is yet to be determined (it is not going to be played at 2022 World Cup host Qatar).
For the first time this tournament have been expanded from 16 to 24 teams, which means we are going to see more football from the continents best. Whether Australia is going to defend the title won at 2015 we will find out on 01 February 2019, but before that final, 50 more duels have to be played. There are 6 groups, the top two teams will go straight to last 16, while best 4 third-place teams will join them. Group stages are going to last until 17 January, while four knockout rounds begins from 20 January, with couple of days rest in between them. As this is only the commencement, next weekend we are going to see only 4 matches in first week of 2019.

05 January 2019, Saturday at 17.00 CET: United Arab Emirates - Bahrain.

06 January 2019, Sunday at 12.00 CET: Australia - Jordan.
06 January 2019, Sunday at 14.30 CET: Thailand - India.
06 January 2019, Sunday at 17.00 CET: Syria - Palestine.


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