17 December 2018

Third European club international tournament

Who says only movies can have its continuance? Last Monday UEFA has announced that a new competition will start from 2021-22 season, who by now, have the working title 'Europa league 2', however this can easily change if appropriate name is found in three years time.
At the newly formed competition in the group stage it is going to participate 32 teams, and this will bring shifts in 'the brotherly' Europa league as well - who from 48 also is going to have 32 clubs. Europa league 2 is going to have 8 groups with 4 teams and all duels will be played on Thursdays. Out of 55 member nations 34 are going to be present here and those are in main smallest nations (countries with lowest coefficient) who will qualify directly into the tournament. The winner of the event is going to climb one place higher: the Europa league.


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