04 April 2019

Penultimate mystery revealed for the CONCACAF championship

The all exciting Gold Cup event this summer will appear for the fifteenth time, 16 teams are going to entertain us in 17 stadiums across the region. From earlier we knew that this is not going to be played in only one country, because the confederation wanted everyone to enjoy this tournament spreading throughout the whole continent. Unfortunately, only three chosen states are going to see the best teams of the confederation.
Majority of games are going to be played in United States of America. And for the first time ever: Central America and the Caribbean region will also have the opportunity to participate in this great event who will be watched by millions of viewers worldwide. During the overall Nations league competition it was decided that Costa Rica is going to be the second host. Its national team is going to play at least one duel at home in group B as well as Jamaica who will be in group C. This Caribbean nation was announced yesterday as the final host after the above mentioned Nations league tournament was completed last Monday morning. Two duels are going to be played at National stadium in the Independence park complex in the capital Kingston.
Now only the last mystery remains for this tournament which everyone eagerly anticipate: the final groups and schedule of plays which will be disclosed next Thursday morning.


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